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Broken Spring Replacement

Garage doors basically contain massive weight in them. It is the garage door spring that enables the doors to be relatively lighter for automatic lifting done through the garage door opener. If it suddenly breaks, not only would you feel the burden of a heavy door, it may also cause accidents and injuries when not done right.

Garage Door Site never wants to be inconvenienced because of this. Call them to fix this immediately and you’ll be satisfied to see your garage door back to working smoothly in no time.


Garage Door Opener Service

Your garage door opener is the heart of your garage door. Without it, your garage door will cease to function. As such, Garage Door Site makes it a point to see to it that it always stays in a good working condition. If it suddenly breaks down, just call them to do the necessary repairs.

For upgrades – wireless access on your garage door opener, additional security features, wi-fi installation and whatnots, call them to provide you of the choices you have for your requirements. They’ll walk through every available choice in no time and even be happy in showing you all you need to know about the product you choose.


Garage Door Alignment

Your garage door has many different components that allow it to function accordingly. Overtime, these components due to constant usage may cause them to loosen or to become misaligned. This may cause your door to be slightly difficult to close or open.

When this happens, call Garage Door Site immediately to check on the alignment of your garage door. This is to prevent it you from suffering from unnecessary trouble when your door gets stuck or worse. They could fix the alignment of your door immediately and check for other damage.


Garage Door Maintenance

Keep your garage door in a good working condition with the maintenance service we provide at Garage Door Site. Here we ensure that the life of your garage door would last longer. This would prevent you from making constant repairs that incur cost whenever your garage door components are neglected.

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