Using Wooden Garage Doors will transform your garage into carriage house. They have a classic design and the durability of construction which uses three layers. The exterior wood is insulated and the inside layer is backed with an exterior grade of plywood. You can choose from two types of Wooden Garage Doors. The first choice could be made of clear vertical grain cedar, or you may prefer to choose the incense cedar, which would bring out the scent of the cedar wood. You can even find them made using Hemlock and Mahogany. The inner section has an environmentally safe polystyrene insulation. They come with a seeded glass look which is double strength and is 1/8″ tempered. The bottom of each Wooden Garage Door uses a weather seal to help keep out any unwanted elements. Once the doors have been installed they will actually look like the carriage doors from past history.
Why not turn your old flip up garage door into a Wooden Garage Door. The garage door will take up approximately 40 percent of your home. They provide protection for your vehicle from damage of the elements and theft. They come in several different styles which will match your home as well as your fantasy. All garage doors are designed to provide trouble free service for you. Many styles have a tongue and groove vertical board design which will allow the wood to contract or expand in any type of weather. This gives the homeowner a peace of mind knowing that the wood will stay locked into place at all times.

The Wooden Garage Doors simply glide upwards with just a slight effort, using a high quality, heavy duty springs, which are mounted on an industrial strength track. The hardware is galvanized to help protect the parts from rust.

Your garage is more than simply a place to park your car or truck out of the weather; it is your personal gym, work shop, studio, and much more. It is also an extension of your home. You would want to make it look as nice as possible on the outside.

There are websites on the internet which can help you decide just what type of Wooden Garage Doors you would like to choose. They even offer garage doors from many of their own different designer collections which all have their own distinctive look. Some websites will allow you to design your own personal Wooden Garage Door and have their designs added to the company’s own blue print database.

If the retailer does not have a professional installer working with them, you may want to retain your own contractor for the job. If you have never done this before, you should check to find out if the contractor is a good reliable one.

Ordering your Wooden Garage Doors from the internet is much different than in the past. Most of the websites will have a safe and secure ordering page, which is encrypted to protect all of your very confidential information from identity theft and third party sales.
You will be very proud of your homes new look once the Wooden Garage Doors are installed and you stand outside your home gasping at the uniqueness that adding Wooden Garage Doors has done for your homes design. You will receive lots of compliments from all your neighbors and friends.